if you missed the page where you can download the JS Demo config file:

you can solve this case in two ways:

1. Create new E2EE Application. Take a look here.
2. Create a config.json file by yourself.

In this article you will find out how to create config.json file by yourself:

  • create file config.json  and put it inside of a JS Demo folder:
  • open config.json  and setup it with the following parameters:

Here's how you get the values you need:

  • You can get API_KEY from "API Keys" page at the Dashboard (create an API Key and copy the Private Key field): 
  • API_KEY_ID is the ID of your newly created API Key, which you can find on the same "API Keys" page:
  • APP_ID is the ID of an application you've created for the demo and it can be found on the "Applications" page:

Open a CLI, go to the JS Demo folder and run npm start  command.

for example on Mac OS it works like this:

Open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser and enjoy the demo!

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