Every time you try to get a JWT from Virgil, you get this error: 'no service is registered for this URL'.

Solution:  Make sure the server is properly started by following the instructions in this github repo. If the server is started successfully, you will see the message  server listening on http://localhost:3000 printed to the console (assuming you use the default port number). After that you can start making requests. 

You first need to register a user by making a POST request to http://localhost:3000/signup. After that you can make requests to http://localhost:3000/get-virgil-jwt and /get-twilio-jwt to get the JWTs to initialize the Virgil and Twilio SDKs on the client side. Make sure you add the Authorization header to those requests. The header must be constructed as shown here. After you get the JWTs, you can use the Twilio SDK to get the list of channels, join a channel and send messages, and the Virgil SDK to get the public keys of other channel members, encrypt the messages before sending and decrypt after receiving.

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