In the Virgil Security Introduction article you found out what we provide for developers. Now we would like to show few examples of how you can use Virgil Security products.

All Use Cases are accompanied with codes snippets and represented in different programming languages thus you can find preferred one.

OK, enough talking! Let's go through an end-to-end encrypted digital world that #SecuredByVirgil. 

This use case shows how to add end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in your digital solutions like: Messenger App, ChatBot, IoT devices in order to communicate securely.

Here an example (JavaScript) of how Alice can easily encrypt and sign a message for Bob:

// load Private Key from local storage on a device  
api.keys.load("[KEY_NAME]", "[KEY_PASSWORD]"),    

// search for Bob Cards on Virgil Cards Service"bob")]).then(function(results) {    
   var aliceKey = results[0];    
   var bobCards = results[1];    

// prepare message for Bob  
var message = "Hey Bob, how's it going?";    

// sign then encrypt the message    
var encryptedData = aliceKey.signThenEncrypt(message, bobCards).toString("base64");});

Use Case is the simplest possible implementation of E2EE chat and it works perfectly for simple chat apps between 2 users where conversations are short-lived and it's okay to lose the message history if a device is lost with the private key on it. Take a look at the use cases here.

Adding Virgil Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) to your Encrypted Communication prevents a possibly compromised long-term secret key from affecting the confidentiality of past communications. 

In this tutorial, we help two people or IoT devices to communicate with end-to-end encryption with PFS enabled.

We built a PFS Encrypted Communication for a busier, Slack-like chat app where history is important and users are joining and leaving channels all the time. Take a look at the use cases here.

Privacy is even more important when it comes to cloud-based storage. If servers ever get hacked, it is necessary to know the files are safe.

In this tutorial, we show developers how to fully (end-to-end) encrypt data for themselves for secure storing on Clouds (removed Server). 

At the end of the tutorial you'll learn:

  • How to create and publish users public keys on Virgil Cards Service.
  • How to encrypt data with own public key before sending on Clouds.
  • How to decrypt the encrypted data with a private key after downloading.
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