While using the demo chat, you're getting messages deleted for no reason and can't read the messages which were sent to you.

Problem: You've used the wrong API Key / API Key ID/ App ID or your bundleID in Xcode is wrong.
Solution: Run

firebase functions:config:set virgil.apiprivatekey="YOUR_API_PRIVATE_KEY" virgil.appid="YOUR_APP_ID" virgil.apikeyid="YOUR_API_KEY_ID"

with your real values from Virgil Dashboard instead of "YOUR_..._...".

Here's how you get the values you need:

  • You can get API_KEY from "API Keys" page at the Dashboard (create an API Key and copy the Private Key field): 
  • API_KEY_ID is the ID of your newly created API Key, which you can find on the same "API Keys" page:
  • APP_ID is the ID of an application you've created for the demo and it can be found on the "Applications" page:


Change bundleID of Xcode project to yours. It can be anything, but the structure is com.<company>.id .

Then in the Firebase console: 

Choose "Add Firebase to your iOS app"

and paste your Bundle Identifier from Xcode there.

Download the generated GoogleService-Info.plist file from Project Settings and copy it to the Firebase Chat iOSdirectory of this sample.

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