You wouldn't find config file on the dashboard, if you didn't save it during the creation of the app. So you can create one more app and download the new config file. 


You can do it manually.
The configuration file, that you download consists of 3 parameters "API_KEY" , "API_KEY_ID"  and "APP_ID"

Firstly, open your Application and find the Application ID (the data corresponds to "APP_ID" ).

Secondly, generate a private API key. You have to press a "Create API Key" button in API KEYS section and you will see the private key line (the data corresponds to "API_KEY" ). Don't forget to save it as it shows ONLY one time during the creation.

Thirdly, in API KEYS section you will see your just generated API key and you need the ID (the data corresponds to "API_KEY_ID" ).

Magic! You have all the needed parameters.

The last step
Now, you can create a file config.json and put all the just created parameters: 

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