No, and this is why Virgil Security's E3Kit provides true end-to-end encryption. 

With Virgil Security's E3Kit, no one but the end users have access to the private keys, and therefore encrypted data. Neither the developer nor Virgil Security manages the private keys. Other services might claim end-to-end encryption but they still manage the private keys which creates security vulnerabilities.

Developers have full control over how private keys are generated, stored, and synchronized on end-client devices.

Virgil Security only manages the public keys, which are akin to a user's address, so that other users can look them up and send encrypted messages to them. 

Note: with E3Kit, developers can enable multi-device access and data recovery by protecting the private key with a user-generated password and storing the encrypted private key in the Virgil Cloud.

The function uses elliptic curve BLS12-381 (built by the zCash cryptocurrency team) to derive a 128-bit strong key from the password specified. This key is used to encrypt your user's private key before E3Kit saves it in the Virgil Cloud, so that Virgil Security has no way to access the private key itself.

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