I/VirgilCardVerifier: Card 'c6d92e7fc4530e72c5af0a38ab5b58657390868e706b7d9721dd76abad5f207f' Virgil signature validation failed

CAUSE: In most cases, this error message is an indication that you haven’t signed your Virgil cards as Virgil’s Cards Service API requires:

SOLUTION: VirgilCardVerifier requires two signatures by default:

  1. Self signature

  2. Virgil signature

From the error message, it looks like your card has a self-signature only. Only cards published to Virgil's Card Service need Virgil's signature. You can change the behavior of the VirgilCardVerifier class by using another constructor:

CardManager cardManager = new CardManager(cardCrypto, accessTokenProvider, new VirgilCardVerifier(cardCrypto, true, false));

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