How to delete a user created with Virgil e3kit?

In order to delete a user registered with e3kit, you need to use the eThree.unregister()  method. This is explained for each programming language in our documentation.

Calling eThree.unregister()   undoes what was done by the eThree.register()  method: 

  1. It removes the user's public key (or card) entry from Virgil Cloud. 

  2. It removes the private key from the user's local storage.

How to delete a user created with Virgil Core SDK?
Please follow the steps listed here and contact our support team with any questions.

What happens to the user's data?

After deleting a user and their public key and private key are gone, they will lose access to any data that was encrypted for them. You should only do this if the user will never need to recover their data.

Is it possible to recover the user?

The user can registered again with  eThree.register() . However, it will be as if the user is a newly registered user. A brand new key pair will be generated, and it will not possible to decrypt data that was encrypted for the user previous to their deletion.

What does deleting a user mean for pricing?
Monthly pricing takes into account the largest number of users you had in that month. This means if you delete a user this month, it will only take an effect in pricing in the next month.

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