At the very foundation, the products you build are designed to move around data – chat messages, e-commerce transactions, IoT device commands, healthcare records, etc. Making sure that only the right people see that data is one of your most important jobs as a developer.

Instead of selling you moats, walls, alarm systems, swinging ladders and security guards to keep that data safe, we give you the tools to simply lock it at the source with end-to-end encryption and password hardening. 

End-to-end Encryption with E3Kit
With end-to-end encryption, your data moves through the product as normal, but it will appear like gibberish. It’s encrypted by the sender before it leaves their device, and is only decrypted by the recipient on their device. 

So you won’t need to worry at night about bad actors breaching your system or one of your own team members exposing a database online, because the data will be encrypted and useless. There is no backdoor.

Password Hardening and Post-Compromise Protection with PureKit
The weakest leak in many systems is the user passwords. And when (not if) the database is breached, there is no recourse. PureKit solves both of these problems. 

We’ve packaged complicated, advanced cryptography into simplified SDKs that the average developer can use to end-to-end encrypt data and passwords in their product. Our technology works across any platform, device and framework, and we’ve built sample apps and tutorials to help you get started.

We’ve democratized access to security and privacy for you the developer and for your users.

Get started today.

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